Do You Do It Alone?

Do you do it alone? Get a support team!Consider a list of ten names of people you look up to and you know they are really successful at what they do. You do understand that they did not get there by themselves. The most successful people do not do it alone. They either have a tight team that they rely upon and who may have moved along with them from one company or effort to the next one. They most likely have a few specific professionals who provide certain services along with them.

For example: Think about highly competitive athletes. You select your sport. Maybe it is skiing or golf or baseball or futbal or American Football – you select the one you are a great fan of – that sport. The top three to five people in that sport, what separates them from each other?

In fact the top twenty to thirty people are all putting in the training regimen, the workout, the practice time, the diet – so what is it that differentiates the top three or one from the rest? It is their mental approach. How they handle their performance under extraordinary pressure time and again, over and over. Plus, how they approach their training regimen, their workout, their practice time, their diet – the mental approach they bring to these efforts each day as well.

This is the great separator. The example is for highly competitive athletes, however, it is the same in the world of business, start-ups, entrepreneurs and politics! No different.

Let’s get started now and build your team.

Who is on your side now? Do you have your own support team – your own support network? Either write out their names and what they bring to the table or if there are no names what are the functions – the specific areas of support you wish to have on your own support team? List this out right now.

The next step is either to approach the people and ask them if they would participate with you on your team or if you have no names on your list begin to locate the people who would provide the functions you listed – the specific areas of support you wish to have on your team. If you are stuck right here and you are not clear or you do not know how to accomplish this step – contact me here.

Understand my work is in the field of business consulting where strategic advice for business growth is my area of expertise. This first step is critical for you to complete. Let’s get it done.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified coach, trainer and speaker based in Stamford, CT.