In Just Three Words

three-wordsIn the world of business, or in any aspect of life, the ability to connect and communicate is absolutely essential.  How well you are able to conduct this activity, to communicate, is often the difference from being successful, often quite rapidly, or not successful at all.

In just three words, a message may be communicated and often in a powerful lasting way.

Consider for a moment the company, the brand, Nike and their three words – Just Do It.

These three words have taken on a life of their own.  Often repeated in all types of communication these three words represent Nike and their brand.  No matter where or when these three words are quoted, for a moment, your mind is thinking, Nike.

What might your three words be? The three words to describe what you represent.

The three words your business represents.  The three words which describe what you are about. In just three words.

Here are a few three word examples for you to review which communicate a message:

  • I love you.
  • I am sorry.
  • You are hot.
  • You are best.
  • Thinking about you.
  • Way to go.
  • How are you.
  • You go Girl.
  • Got your back.
  • Get good first.
  • Do it afraid.
  • Build your image.
  • Live your purpose.
  • Ready to rock.
  • God bless you.
  • Never give up.
  • You freaking rock.
  • Stop drop roll.
  • Always be closing.
  • Stick with it.
  • Stay the course.
  • Body mind spirit.
  • Purpose passion spirit.
  • First to fight.
  • Deeds Not Words.
  • Protect and defend.

In just three words consider each of these examples.  What comes into your mind?

A picture is painted. A message is communicated. In just three words.

Here are a few more examples of messages communicated in just three words:

  • Share the passion.
  • A servant’s heart.
  • Lead by example.
  • I don’t know.
  • Have great fun.
  • Ride the wave.
  • All I have.
  • Love from within.
  • You are safe.
  • We are one.
  • Raise the bar.
  • Liberate your soul.
  • Lift you up.
  • Happy to help.
  • An unforgettable experience.
  • I voted today.

Take a few moments and let me know some of your three word statements.

Will you consider, in just three words, how to describe your business? In just three words how to describe what you are about?

Take your time. It’s not a race. Be clear and concise.  This makes your message easy to remember, repeat and be understood.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


Three Keys To Creating Your Successful Networking Process


“The only difference between where you are right now, and where you’ll be next year at this time, are the people you meet and the books you read.”

–  Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, author of Life Is Tremendous

Networking. The ability to skillfully network may be one of the most valuable wealth building tools available to anyone. Wealth meaning more than money. A wealth of connections and relationships. A wealth of resources and knowledge. A wealth of contacts and their contacts.

The reality is most people do not understand how valuable networking is to their professional and personal lives.

Here are the 3 keys to creating your successful networking process:

1.  There is a need to focus on the purpose of the networking. This will determine where to network.

2.  A networking plan and strategy must be created. This must include a method of both capturing names and information from attending networking events and facilitating methods of follow up after the networking events.

3.  An understanding of the fact that in order to network effectively it must be understood and carried forward that networking is not about yourself. Networking is about the other person.

A discussion of the 3 keys to creating a successful networking process:


Okay, our first point – why you are networking and this will determine where you should be going to network.

  • Looking for a job?
  • Seeking to sell a product or a service?
  • Looking for an employee to hire?

Each of these should determine where you go to network.

For example, if you are a chiropractor, you should not be just networking with fellow chiropractors. Maybe once or twice a year at an event or a convention to learn new techniques. You are probably not going to obtain new business referrals from other chiropractors. You might consider health fairs, or events where yoga or other workout folks are or nutrition focused events.

Let’s consider a person who is seeking a job. Should they network with other people who are seeking a job? Maybe once in awhile. This will probably not be helpful. Instead where are the people going who might be in the business or field where they wish to be hired. Attend these networking meetings.


The second point is to create a networking plan and strategy. This must include a method of both capturing names and information from attending networking events and facilitating methods of follow up after the networking events. This cannot be stressed enough. The majority of people never follow up after attending a networking event, or even in general networking and meeting with people.


The third point is to have an understanding of the fact that in order to network effectively it must be understood and carried forward that networking is not about yourself. Networking is about the other person. It is not about me. If we just start networking because we need something; it is not going to happen. Attending networking events is not like going to the store and selecting items off of the shelf.  This is about building relationships. At the end of the day, people want to do business with whom? People they know, like and trust. This networking is step one. You need to connect. See where there might be some common thread or an interest. This will assist in the relationship building.

Approach networking with the value and importance it will add to you in your entire life. The more effort you put into networking, the more you will obtain from it.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Success in Business and Life is Found Through Failure

Do you recall when you first learned to ride a bicycle? You probably had an adult hold your seat for you, or at least escort you to a safe place to try it out. You probably fell often. Once you knew how to ride your bicycle did you ever once reflect back to when you were not able to do it? If you picked up a bicycle today after years of not riding your bicycle would you be able to ride the bicycle?

This is a fairly accurate analogy to compare to how we form a new habit or learn a new method of conducting ourselves or our business. There is fear of the unknown. We seek guidance or a helping hand. We fail a few times. We continue to try. We gain confidence with success. We learn how to do something so well we never forget how to do it again.

In your networking, take with you the attitude of ‘helping others’. Ask first how you may be of service to the person you are meeting for the first time. Practice this process over and over again. Overcome any self doubt or fear you may have of networking in this manner. Be sincere and always follow up and follow through.

You will find this to be one of the seeds you will continually plant. One day you will look back and wonder how the beautiful forest grew so tall around you. This method of networking is going to be one of the most rewarding processes you will follow. You will
continually grow and build your network, your referral sources, and your contacts for your business and your life.

Some of you may feel this is unrealistic; you feel you cannot possibly speak this way.
Ask yourself if you have ever heard, “Treat your customers, as you would want to be treated”. How would you react if you met someone networking and they asked you:
“How may I be of service to you?” or “How may I help you?” Are you going to tell me
this would upset you greatly and you would hope to never interact with this person ever again?

There will be a time or two where you may feel taken advantage of or not appreciated. Over time these will be in the minority. The positives will far outweigh any negatives.
Let me know how this is working out for you and share your experiences with me.

If you are ready to network in your most authentic voice and grow your network quickly, start today and contact expert Executive Coach Mitch Tublin,

Cure Your PAS to Have a Successful Business

Are you stricken by PAS? Pompous Ass Syndrome? Read this article, Distinguished doctor charged with stealing candy at Stamford theater, and come back to see if you or someone you know has it.

There is really no room in a business for PAS. In fact, life is too short in all aspects to deal with folks who are stricken with PAS. Hopefully they will recognize it, or someone will share this article with them and they will take control and begin corrective remedies.

Recently a very successful entrepreneur and good friend of mine shared a story with me about how great Seth Godin is live. While we were speaking she said, “OMG, Mitch you would love him, he is so down to earth and available, you know he is not at all pompous like some folks get…”

What does this mean exactly – like some folks get? Here is the thing and it is so important it must be said: We are all unique and have great gifts. The fact that some have achieved notoriety, fame, and monetary rewards does not make them rise above the human race. It is when they begin to behave in such a way, as if they have risen above the human race, that we must really consider why we should have anything at all to do with them.

This is one reason why taking the time, right in the beginning, to create in writing, your business strategy is so important. This is not your financial plan or your business plan, although they may be included. It is where you define your big, long-term vision, your mission, and your plan on how you will achieve these. When you write these down and keep them in front of you and refer to them often, the odds of you forgetting who you are and where you are heading and why are less likely to occur.

For Example: Is one of your goals for creating a successful business enterprise to contribute to a certain charitable organization? Have the description of the charity work they do in front of you as well. Remind yourself of this aspect of your mission every single day.