Where is Your Sense of Urgency in Your Business?

Business Urgency“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is; “What are you doing for others?”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

The decision to have your own business is a feeling of freedom and fear blended together. On the one hand, we feel free. Free from the need and requirement of answering to people who we feel have the purpose of keeping us back, of keeping a lid on us. We are able to control our own destiny. We design our work day the way we desire. The results we achieve are from our efforts and our team we put together.

On the other hand, we need to meet payroll. We feel we have no one to turn to and speak with about our concerns or issues we are having with the business. We have to learn. We must continue to grow. We need to run our business, stay current, keep networking, know the competition, be a leader, know your numbers and more.

It has been said that companies in the software business must release their newest product when they are 70 percent to 80 percent ready. Put it out there and obtain feedback and then send out patches and newer versions. The theory and practice is – if you wait for perfection, it will never come, there will always be something else to fix or revise.

Where in your business are you seeking perfection? There are times when there is a learning curve. Who sets the time table?  Where is the urgency to make certain the time to learn is not taking away the time to the market?

The best solution for a business owner to create accountability for themselves is to work with an executive coach on a regular basis. As the business owner you will have regularly scheduled meetings or phone calls where your specific areas of concern will be discussed. You will be called out on areas requiring urgency. A deep network may potentially be opened to you. You may be invited to join a roundtable. A roundtable made up of people just like you. Business owners who are dealing with similar challenges each day as you are everyday in your business.

You probably have heard the statement, “it is lonely at the top”, but it does not have to be this way. Anyone who feels this way is choosing to feel this way. The choice to create a relationship with an executive coach and possibly to join a roundtable are both examples of how to not be lonely at the top. Your executive coach will provide you with a confidential sounding board. Look at the best athletes as an example. Each of them, regardless of their sport, work with a coach to keep them sharp in their areas of expertise.

Mitch Tublin is an advance certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.