Just Emerging From Summer

Business SuccessDo you belong to networking groups where you meet on a regular basis and interact with each other in a facilitated manner?

At a recent networking event, the question was asked of the group, “As we go around the table, and keep it to under two minutes as there are twenty four of us, what will you either do more of or change up to finish out the year with a strong fourth quarter?” One of the members of the group said, “Amazing question, how will I finish the fourth quarter? I don’t want to let go of the summer yet. I am not ready for that. I guess I am just emerging from my summer?”

This comment started me thinking about how others view themselves and their business. The relationship they have with their business, and how this relationship impacts their daily lives. What impact this attitude has on their business results, and how others view them in their business.

My personal view of my business is, to never turn it off. Yes, there is time to relax and give the mind a rest. The business is always on. You never know who you will meet or where you will meet them. In essence, since my business is based upon “adding value to others”, why would it ever be turned off?

If you are in the retail business, where you sell physical products and possibly have a store online, or brick and mortar, or both, chances are you do not hang up a sign that says ‘Gone Fishing’ for a number of weeks during the summer. Although, there are beach towns and communities, where a fair number of small businesses with a brick and mortar location do just that, shortly around mid-October. These retail shops close up for the entire winter and reopen in May. The view they have is, that it is a ‘seasonal business’. Some have another location in a Southern US location or in a ski area. They open up the other location based upon when more of their potential customers will be in that region.

How about a service based business? A lawyer, a CPA, or any other service based business? Do you ever just shut down the business? The person from the networking group is in a service based business. How do you just shut down for weeks or months at a time? What about your current clients? How about meeting with new prospects and keeping your relationships going?

I would enjoy hearing your thoughts.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who resides in Stamford, CT.