How Do You Know How You are Doing?

Paul and MitchMy good friend, Paul Martinelli, The President of The John Maxwell Team – the fastest growing certification program for Coaches, Trainers and Speakers with over 11,000 members in countries all over the world – says; “show me two things and I will tell you how your business is doing! Show me your datebook/calendar and your checkbook, that’s all I need, no stories, no excuses, show me your checkbook and your datebook/calendar.”

Here we are in June with the halfway mark of the year about to close out. Do you know how you are doing? Where do you need to improve? What is working and what isn’t working? What needs to be changed or stopped? What are some new things to try – to work on? Are you taking the time and effort and the steps necessary to review your numbers and then come up with the answers to these questions and more?

Go to the comments section right now for this article and tell us what you are doing, changing, working on and improving. Here is the thing – if you are not tracking and measuring you might really need to ask yourself if you are in a business or running a hobby as a business! Possibly a hobby as a hobby!

If measuring is not something you feel comfortable with hire someone who will do this for you. It is possible you will find someone who is an expert in Quickbooks by Intuit.

For a fee they will set up your accounts, link up your banking to the system and double check everything is working properly for you once a month or once a week or more often depending upon how much volume your business is doing. Maybe you will want to utilize square with your cellphone so you may accept credit card payments in person. This may be linked in as well to your bookkeeping system.

Now this is a great start for tracking and obtaining the numbers. The action behind the word measurement is to assess and correct course as necessary. The numbers must be analyzed. This does not mean to count the ants on the anthill. In fact, you might round off numbers. The point is to see where you are and then take corrective action steps where needed. Another item you might notice is what is working really well and you should do more of whatever that is!

The problem for many business owners is they are not really too good in this arena either.

Here is where you reach out and bring in someone to help you with your business –

Where are you now and where do you want to go? Click here to connect with Mitch for exactly what you need!

You may decide to figure this out without anyone working with you. That is your choice. Of course. Whatever you decide – track and measure – analyze and take action steps.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified coach, trainer and professional speaker based in Stamford, CT.