Do You Create Momentum in Your Business?

Do You Create Momentum in Your Business?Have you ever heard – “Good things come to those who wait!”

More importantly – Do you actually believe – “Good things come to those who wait!”?

Sad to see you miss this week’s article if you do stop reading now and go wait somewhere for good things to come.

Who decided it was a great idea to recite sayings such as this one and then plant these seeds into the minds of young people? Young people grow up and in their subconscious reside this type of hogwash. Then to repeat the process for each generation again and again.

Nothing – Absolutely nothing is taught with statements of negativity such as this one.

Let’s go on to prove this is true. Momentum in life, in business, in sports is something you are able to feel. You feel the activity – the actual shift in energy – it happens when action is taken and then in your life – in your business – in your sport – everything begins to click. This is Momentum. Momentum is never started by waiting. It is impossible. It is against all of the laws of physics. It is against all of the laws of nature.

Yes that is correct – Nature! Consider for a moment – a tornado – a hurricane. Check it out – Momentum is picked up and the winds gain speed and things begin to move quickly. None of this takes place with waiting.

From momentum definition is: Force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events.

What would assist you in creating momentum for you in your life – in your business – in your sport? Would you find participating with other like minded people who are seeking to create their momentum to be of interest for you? Find out more here.

A group provides accountability and if by a phone conference line it provides anonymity if you are shy! Mitch is a Master Facilitator and you may find this group process to be exactly what you need to create your momentum. It is not about waiting for good things to come. Instead it is taking action – creating motion – stirring the pot – getting excited about doing something.

Here is the thing… you have heard this saying before no doubt… The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results. You must change it up! Try something new. Quite often a slight shift in course will make a huge difference.

My good friend, Les Brown has told me and others numerous times, “You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.” This is why the group process is invaluable for you!

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified coach, business consultant and professional speaker who resides in Stamford, CT.

Do You Feel Better Waiting?

clock-timeWe all wait to do things, right? Why is it that we wait? Maybe the concept was started at an early age by hearing – “Good things come to those who wait!”


Stop reading this for a moment and write down the following quickly without thinking for too long: One or two words in the form of a list, right down the page, what items, ideas, tasks, anything you know you want to do and need to do, yet, you have not done?

These are top of mind items which you have been putting off for one reason or another. Stop after two minutes.

Feel free to return to this list later. Possibly write out in a word or two next to each item why you have not done it yet.

Rather than recalling, “Good things come to those who wait.” How about, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” Or a “ship belongs at sea not tied up to a berth for days and months on end.”

The bottom line is whatever is on your specific list – ACTION GETS THE REACTION. Standing still gets you nowhere.!

Okay, let’s assume this is sounding a bit familiar or potentially uncomfortable. Let’s look at this topic of waiting from another viewpoint. In our lives – stuff happens! Sorry, if this is not exactly a PhD type of statement. It is the truth though isn’t it?

There you are with a list a mile long of items – think of them as get-to. As in “I will get to it.” Then the stuff of life happens and everything hits the fan. All of your time and focus has to go to this stuff of life. What do you think happens to the long list of get-to items? Get-to rapidly becomes forget-to! Or never get-to!

Now if instead of waiting, items are taken care of and action is taken immediately when the stuff of life happens no one becomes side tracked.

A quick check in to see how you are doing? Still not working for you?

Here is one other consideration. What if there are ideas or projects on your list? Consider why these ideas or projects came to you. It is a Law of Nature which is you are being tested. These ideas or projects appeared in your mind as it is recognized you are ready to take these on. Is it possible you are waiting as you do not believe in your own ability to carry these out? Is it possible this is the root of the waiting?

Let me know how long your get-to list is in the comments area.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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Your Dreams and Goals

We all have dreams and goals don’t we? How do we move toward achieving them?

dreams-and-goalsThere you stand right at the foot of a stair case. You want to get up to the next floor. You need to get up to the next floor. You intend to go up to the next floor. This should not be a shock to you or anyone else, you must actually take the first step up the stairs before you get yourself any closer to the next floor. Then you must take the next step and the next step. This example is a physical example and most people would be able to accomplish this goal of getting to the next level.

Another physical example is going to workout on a regular basis. There is a study which shows even among people who have been told they must exercise for their health there is a high percentage who do not regularly go to exercise. A number of people do find that working with a personal trainer, where they have an appointment and have already invested in the trainer working with them, provides the accountability necessary to get them to workout. There is still a dramatic falloff after the first 60 to 90 days.

Therefore it is no wonder when we are speaking about following through on our dreams or even our goals the majority of people take no action steps toward either.

At the most basic level, if you have a thought or a dream, how are you capturing this thought, this dream, before it goes away from your current awareness and you say things like, “I cannot remember it.” A few solutions would be to speak the thought or dream into your mobile device and record it, have a pen and a pad to write on by your bedside or near you at all times. Many people practice the skill of journaling. At a specific time each day for a specific period of time they write in a journal.

Once the thoughts or dreams are captured, albeit by a small population, the review of these must take place to determine priority, reality and interest. This process is the first time certain influences may trap you. Fear, your predisposed assumptions and other influences may take you in a direction not true to your heart. You might be thinking, “Oh no way, I must play it safe. I am not doing that, ever.” Unless there is a trained professional to challenge you and your self talk, this is going to be how you respond to the majority of your thoughts and dreams.

Tell me, how do you overcome your self talk when a part of you wants to move toward a big dream?

Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

What Time Is Check In Time?

check-inAnyone who travels much knows there is a check-in time for your flight or at the hotel where you have your reservation. In fact, for your hotel, it is right there on the confirmation statement which is on your mobile device or printed copy. You might ask yourself, “why is this necessary, I am here now, can’t I just check-in?” The reason is turnover or turnaround time.

When guests are departing they need to be allowed enough time to conduct their personal business of showering, eating their breakfast and packing up their belongings.  Then the hotel cleaning crew and the mini-bar accountants have to conduct their business. If there are any items in need of maintenance or repair these need to be taken care of as well.

It may seem odd, however, there are a good number of people who do not understand or recognize any of this as legitimate. Is it any wonder then that there are a majority of people who do not check-in with their business vision, mission and goals or their personal vision, mission and goals either?

At a minimum, a check-in should be conducted every three months, a quarterly process. A more progressive business would check in at least monthly. For the business, the leadership team should meet for half a day or an entire day, and review the current vision, mission and goals statement and check-in to see if these are still a reality or not.  Where is there a disconnect? Do changes need to be considered? Where are things running right in line with these statements? What are the reasons in each case for either the disconnect or the right in line activities or behavior?

Action steps with dates and names must be agreed to prior to the end of the meeting. A personal check-in optimally is a weekly activity. For example, every Sunday evening might be a great time to review and assess what you have planned in your own vision, mission and goals statements and then compare this to the reality.  What is going right and why? What is going wrong and why? Are these statements of your personal vision, mission and goals the right ones for you personally? Plan out action steps with time frames in order to make adjustments as necessary.

The goal of creating vision statements, mission statements and written goals is not to just have them. The goal is to live them. One of the ways to accomplish this is to check-in as often as necessary and analyze the reality.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Business Success Tip – Taking Action or Taking Notes?

Business SuccessYou want to get something done, you do it. You take action, right?

Here is the thing; one of my main ingredients when someone seeks out my advice is to determine if they are an action taker or a note taker. Let’s face it, some people feel they need to learn more, take more notes, read more books, obtain more certifications, and they just never take action. The people who take action are always high on my list of the people for me to work with and create the opportunities for them to work with me. Of course there are opportunities for the note takers to work with me as well, mostly to inspire in them the interest in becoming action takers sooner than never.

This is not to say it is not important to learn more, take notes, read books or obtain certifications. It is to say you need to start and take action on your objectives. You may always continue on with the rest as you are moving along your path. Show me a bank who accepts a notebook filled with notes for your mortgage payment. You must take action to build your business, grow your business or achieve whatever objectives you have set for yourself and your business.

Here is the problem. Uh-oh, a flip-flop is coming? Correct. There are some people who feel they need to be busy. Busy, busy, busy and just busy. This might be a more difficult issue to deal with than the person who is the note taker!

A full day may just evaporate as this person is so busy answering their emails, deleting spam and going through messages. Meanwhile they may have missed a networking event, did not focus on returning a half dozen potential lead phone calls and did not speak with a key vendor for a project they are estimating costs for.

Another person may spend two or three hours or more each and every single day interacting on social media. When you ask them about this activity, they may respond that they are marketing their business on social media. When you sit with them and review their activity the truth is much different.

The reality is, being busy is not taking action toward defined objectives. The exact action steps required of you and your team must be defined and written out. This may evolve as time moves forward as your objectives may evolve as well. The point is, you and your team are moving together toward specific objectives. It is not being busy. The act of being busy is a stalling technique. This may be a subconscious behavior. Often it is from fear. The actual fear of stepping out and going for your dreams and goals.

This is an entire topic of it’s own and will be discussed in a future article and teleseminar. The point here is this, take specific action, which you have defined, toward your exact objectives, goals and dreams.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who lives in Stamford, CT.