Rolling On A Highway

car-trafficThe majority of us drive on an interstate or some type of highway a few times a week or more. On a three lane highway, ever notice the impact of someone who is driving a car in the center lane, yet, at a reduced speed of ten to fifteen MPH less than the speed limit which may have them clocked at twenty to twenty five MPH less than the majority of traffic? The impact is almost always an accident waiting to happen. The left lane is constantly flowing past this car in a steady stream of vehicles. The right lane has cars lining up to pass as well only slightly less organized and flowing than the left lane.

Meanwhile the three, four or five cars directly behind the center lane driver are feeling stuck as they came upon this unexpectedly and now feel trapped not able to readily get into the left lane to pass or the right lane to sneak by as well.

All of this is an accident waiting to happen and what makes matters worse is the driver in the center lane taking their time and driving along has absolutely no idea! They have no clue or awareness of the havoc they wreak out on the road behind them.

If the picture is not clear from the example of the driver, consider the crew team rowing in their shell. In a practice session or in a race each stroke must be in synch with everyone else’s stroke. The style and execution of the stroke must be the same. Any disruption to this timed team effort will cost them time and knock speed off their progress.

In many ways this is what happens to a team when there is one person who is not pulling their weight or not choosing to fit in with the team. They begin to become a burden to everyone else on the team. The team may need to sidestep around them and their assigned tasks or roles on a project in order to complete their assigned goals.

Depending upon the severity and the cost to the team and the business, these individuals must be dealt with. There is a possibility working regularly with an Executive Coach may create the change necessary to salvage a team mate. It is a disservice to the rest of the members of the team and to the offending person not to address the issue.

This is a fact which transcends the size of an organization.

The truth as stated by John C. Maxwell: “Team Work, Makes The Dream Work”.

Mitch Tublin is a business consultant and an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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2012 Olympic Games Makes Team or Individual Choice Important

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Business Succes

When we consider our business and taking our business to great success, we must understand and recognize where we are operating at our most effective. Are we more team oriented or individually oriented? Are we creating the environment for our business which matches this response? It is a balancing act. Unless you are an individual business owner with no one else on your team and you are the one who does everything. The majority of us have some type of team either in person, virtual, or works in a business with other people.

Take this a step or two further and look into the why. Why are you more comfortable working in a team environment? If you are operating more effectively and more comfortably in a team environment, and you are not currently working in a team environment, you need to create or find a team environment to work in.

When you conduct the review process you might find there are one or two small items you miss about working in a team environment. If this is the case you will want to recreate these processes.

For example: If you miss having the ability to run ideas and concepts by other members of your team, it is quite possible you will be able to replace this interaction by signing up for and participating in a Mastermind Group which meets regularly.

On the other side of the coin is the analysis of the individual performer. You may do your best work working alone and with no team interaction, no boss and no one to answer to. If this is your situation, you will want to be certain that your work environment meets this need for you. A word of caution here is necessary. If you look at the successful, medal winning Olympic athletes who are individual performers, they each have a coach and a support staff behind them. It is a lonely road working all alone. You will always assume you have the right answers with no one to offer another opinion, whether it is positive or negative, toward your solution. There is nothing like that second set of eyes to assist the individual performer in achieving their goal of success.

Are you ready to work your best in your best environment?

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