Do You Focus Anymore?

Do You Focus Anymore?It is possible one of the potential lost skills from the technology overload, along with the ability to have a face-to-face conversation in person, is the ability to focus on one specific item, project, idea – the point is one single thing.

The CEO of Fitbit, James Park, instituted a few rules in creating the right culture for his team. A meeting must have an agenda passed out prior to scheduling the meeting. Keep the meeting to the point. Fifty minutes is the maximum meeting length and most are completed in twenty minutes.

Stay with me here, one or two days a week, in the afternoon are designated as alone time with no meetings allowed. This permits people to focus on something that might need their full attention not only a few minutes here or there in between meetings and responding to emails.

A study conducted by a Family Foundation of youth aged 9 to 17 years old reported they were involved in technological distractions for 7 to 10 hours each day, every single day of the week. This is really frightening.

Before providing a few positive thoughts for you, has everyone seen the drivers who run the red light, do not stop for the stop sign and turn, without a care, for a right on red?

Yes, some are on the phone talking directly or texted, however, many others are distracted within their own mind and their own thoughts – hundreds maybe thousands of them. All of these thoughts swirling around creating an environment of constant distraction in each of their daily lives.

This had me thinking about F – O – C – U – S.



When you are fully in focus on one item – the feeling is best described as freedom. Time flies, there are no distractions, every piece of energy is flowing into this one item.


The person who has the ability to focus on one item – they get things done that matter. They are viewed as outstanding. It is not a contest. It is a fact. These are the doers.


An ability to focus clearly on one item for periods of time brings on a feeling of confidence. This is not to be confused with arrogance. It is the confidence in the ability to drive into the deadline with a quality result. The knowledge you are able to tackle anything that is going to be placed before you.


There is no need for extra descriptive language or long drawn out stories. The clarity which is brought out from focus provides succinct explanations which go right to the point. This is understood by everyone. By the wording there may be an appearance of the simplistic, however, in it’s stripped down clarity and right to the point descriptive no one is going to have a problem with it.


An ability to focus all of one’s energy for a period of time on one thing is at it’s root a survival instinct. Consider being attacked out in the wild, would this not consume you and have your entire focus or “Oh wait, butterflies…”.

Will technology cause the next evolution of humanity or will we be determined enough to regain our ability to focus?

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Mitch Tublin is the owner and founder of a consulting practice which includes coaching, training and professional speaking services to organizations all over the world.