Success in Business Is Started With the Power of Numbers

The Power of NumbersThe power of numbers – Many would say businesses are built by concepts, products, services, sales, marketing and the discussion continues. A successful business is built by the power of numbers. You will save yourself a tremendous amount of time, money and effort by beginning with this formula as one of your foundational questions to answer.

Here are a few examples of why the power of numbers is the driving force behind building a successful business…

When you determine to start your business, if one of your goals is to earn one million dollars the first year, you might decide to build one product to sell to one customer for one million dollars. You might design a service to provide to one client or company for one million dollars. If this is the goal, the way the business is designed, the sales method, and the marketing strategy will need to be set up in such a way in order to meet this goal.

The one deal for one million dollars may seem way out of line. Is it really? There are now independent companies providing travel into outer space. Each of these companies is essentially built upon this exact model of setting up their business for success.

Still not convinced? Consider moving along the line of the power of numbers. An example might look like ten clients for one hundred thousand dollars each to build a successful business the first year to earn one million dollars. You might plan instead for one hundred clients where your price point is ten thousand dollars each. Each of these examples represents the power of numbers, as the entire business must be set up in such a way as to achieve these predetermined goals.

For someone in retail, the power of numbers absolutely does apply as well. One million items sold to one million people for one dollar each is still meeting the one million dollar goal mark for the year.

You might think of this as starting with the end in mind. If you determine where you intend to take your business and then come back into the present, it is much easier to determine what the real needs and requirements are in order to achieve the stated goal. It will become much easier to stay on track and to focus on what exactly must be done in order to meet the goal.

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