How Do You React When Something Goes Wrong?

How Do You React When Something Goes Wrong?

“Well in a perfect world…..”   Have you ever said these words or heard them stated?  If we lived in a perfect world you would never have to worry about something going wrong as nothing would ever go wrong.

Breaking News – we do not live in a perfect world!

There are different levels of what may go wrong in our lives on a daily basis.  In addition, there are different situations we are in when something may go wrong in terms of your audience and who is around you and influenced by how you react.  You may be around other people, or your family, children or even a large audience. Things will go wrong in our business no matter how much we plan. Part of life is things just happen. It is how we react when something goes wrong which makes us who we are and in many ways determine the level of success you will achieve.

In each combination how you react says quite a bit about you and what people think about you.
Here are a few situations you may have found yourself in. What was your reaction?

For example – You are driving in your car and then you are cut off by another driver. How do you react?  How do you react when this happens and your kids are in the car with you?

I know growing up in New York City, the horn and the bird flip were fairly common practices seen daily on any roadway.  Stop at a traffic light after the incident and heads shouting out the window “Hi, how are you” often followed – Not!

Another example – In running your business, how do you react when someone on your team puts out some work on the internet that is riddled with errors?   Are you able to handle the situation as a teaching moment and rise up and above?

The incident happened already.  Your ability to teach and team build is right here in front of you.  Do you take it?

How is the corrective action carried out?  These are all moments to use in creating a stronger team for your future business growth.

A Recent Example – Do you speak at events in front of a large audience?  What would you do if there were microphone or sound system issues? How would you handle yourself out on the stage in front of several hundred audience members who are mostly fans?

The specific point is if you are an expert and plan to be in front of others representing your business and your brand, you must be able to have the control and the presence to relax and go with the flow. Are you able to relax and maintain your presence?

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