Do Traditions Have A Place In Your Business?

Do traditions have a place in your business? Are there certain events, promotions, sales, marketing, styles, products which you tailor around a season or other marker which have become a business tradition? Let me know in the comments area!

Examples of traditions: 

First a family photo. Each year we take this photo of our four children. The jerseys represent their year of birth. Dr. Patty Ann and I were introduced to this concept through our good friend Gary, the owner of Gary Jewelers (hint, hint, guys! And gals!) and we have taken these photos each year. Now they are not home every day so we take the photo each year on Thanksgiving.

2015 Family Picture at Thanksgiving - Traditions

A second example is a holiday party or event for your customers and employees or maybe a lunch event. Would this be something you might start and then continue on each year?

Okay, so the first question you might ask is – Why? What is the point of this and what is the return? Fair enough – let’s play! Even in the ‘olden days’ like ten years ago, people did speak and word would spread about a certain event or gathering which was special.

Then the next year the expectation was set and others would be interested in becoming a guest. This might potentially mean they would become a customer! For your current customers it is a showing of appreciation for their loyalty to you and your business.

Now fast track this all to today. There is easy access to a variety of online resources. A few photos, a few short videos and then these are posted online about your Holiday Customer Appreciation Luncheon and the marketing begins!

You must see the advertising each year which begins weeks before ‘Black Friday’. Maybe you are a fan or not of this now traditional shopping day. Take a look at what else has happened now around this date, the day after the Thanksgiving Holiday, ‘Black Friday’. The Saturday after has become ‘Small Business Saturday’. The Monday after has become ‘Cyber-Monday’ for those at work shopping online while at work. The Tuesday after has become ‘Giving Tuesday’ for charitable donations, which by the way may have been record setting this year with the announcement by Mark Zuckerberg.

The point is this – how about considering traditions and how these might fit into your business model?

Intentional Living

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified coach, trainer and speaker who resides in Stamford, CT.