Handprints, Footprints and Fingerprints OH MY!

handprintsDo you remember being in school in your earliest memories and painting your hands and placing each hand on a large piece of paper? Multiple colors and multiple handprints eventually defined your masterpiece. Your name and class/grade was written on the bottom too. This masterful work of art was then hung up and displayed for your parents to see on open house night. Some days later you were able to bring home your artwork and it may have been placed on display for a week or two at home somewhere.

In the winter after a snow fall if you walk outside in fresh snow with your boots on, you leave behind each of your footprints from your boots in the fresh snow.  If the snow continues to come down your footprints may become covered up again as if you were never there. Just like walking on the sand at the beach. When you walk along near where the water washes up to the sand, each of your footprints behind you disappear from the waves coming in and rearranging the sand where your footprints existed just a few seconds ago.

Unlike the examples above, when we add value to someone, we potentially are empowering them with new insights or information which if acted upon might change something in their lives.  We would assume for the better since you have added value to their lives. You may be thinking – “how can I add value to someone’s life?  I have nothing to add to someone’s life, I can barely keep my own life in order.”

Here is the fact – each of us has our own unique and one and only fingerprint. No one else has the same fingerprint as you.

In a similar fashion each of us has our own experiences, our own viewpoints, our own spin on life, business, family and more.  There are people who would appreciate hearing what each of us have to say to them, if they are willing and able to, listen and hear what we have to say or teach.  Done in the right format, with the proper delivery method, depending upon the specific audience, we in essence leave our own unique fingerprint on each person’s life. One of the greatest gifts we have to offer to our fellow earth inhabitants is to add value to others in our own way each and every day.

How do you add value to others?

Do you feel it is important for you to add value to others?

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


Your Habits Will Determine Your Success (or not)

Business SuccessSomeone once said to me, “I don’t read the articles on blogs as there is nothing of value and I am always feeling like someone is selling to me.” My thought was, maybe you need to upgrade which blogs you read!

Let’s add some value today!

Right now, without thinking about it, write down ten habits you have. These would be ten behaviors you have, which you conduct each day or each week. Now go through this list you just created. How many of the ten habits either add value to you, your family, your business, or to people you meet? The ability to achieve success or not is solidly aligned with the habits we have created for ourselves. Specifically the intentional habits created which will add value each day to us, to our families, to our business, and to the people we come into contact with.

The ability to create habits that are moving you toward success is open to anyone at any level of education and any level of business. It is one of the great tools to level the playing field. If you are confused or not understanding what you might change here are a few options for you to consider:

  • First, is to begin each and every week with your goals for the week. Actually write out these goals for the week on Sunday evening. Take your time and consider what you wish to accomplish this coming week.
  • Second, write out the top five habits you need to have on Monday which will provide you with the best opportunity of meeting the goals you have set for the week.
  • Third, at the end of the day Monday, review the list of goals for the week and see if any changes or adjustments are needed. Check off any goals which have already been reached.
  • Fourth, write out the top five habits you need to have on Tuesday which will provide you with the best opportunity of meeting the goals you have set for the week.
  • Five, repeat this process each day.

When you have conducted this practice for at least three months you will be on the verge of creating a habit. Do you already feel how powerful this process will be for you?

A word of caution regarding the use of your laptop or other electronic devices instead of writing: There is something unique and empowering which takes place when we write out by hand our goals and intentions. If you wish to electronically track yourself after you handwrite these out, great. The Sunday and each day process should be hand written out first. The study to prove this is not at the top of my mind right now, possibly one of the readers will offer the study in a comment to prove the power of the hand written statement of goals and intentions.

If you would like Mitch to work with your organization on Goal setting and creating habits for success, contact his team here: info@thementorguy.com.