Pioneering Women

Pioneering Women are those who have done something to lay the ground for others to be able to follow their lead and excel where others have not gone before.  This story has not been widely distributed so I thought I should share with you this inspiring story if you had not read it before.

In World War II time frame, as in numerous wars through history, most women were planting victory gardens, working in a factory, putting together care packages and of course many served as nurses staffing hospitals.  Some other unique women had a different agenda.

Women Airforce Service Pilots, called WASPS, during World War II, ferried aircraft from factories to military bases and additionally tested planes.  The concept was to free up male pilots to fight overseas.  Early this March, the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian award bestowed by Congress was awarded to over 300 women for their service.

When the program started over 25,000 women applied for a spot in the military flight training school.  There were 1,800 accepted. After an intense six months of training they were sent to fly.  An example of an exercise was to fly 6,000 feet in the air with a target attached to the plane streaming behind it.  One by one other pilots would swoop in and take aim and shoot at the target being towed.  The were numerous stories of the active flying plane being hit by live ammo in these training exercises.  After training, women in the program were given the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Do you have a story about an amazing woman you know from your family or friends who has done something groundbreaking?  Who has gone somewhere no woman has gone before so doors would open for women in later years to follow and exceed their wildest dreams?