To Be Successful, Does it Have to Hurt First?

Have you ever had your fingers caught by a car door closing on them? Man oh man, it hurts! The very next time you are in a car, are your fingers anywhere near where they were when they were slammed by the car door? Do you consciously think about it and make certain your fingers are nowhere near that spot? How about the next time you are in a car?

Why do we think we will achieve different results from our business, when we keep doing the same exact things which have not worked before? We attend the same networking events. We give the same two minute elevator speech every single time. We make the same phone calls, eat the same lunch, and frequent the same restaurants every single day. Why do we expect different results?

Do you hear that? It is the door closing on the first quarter of the year. How are your business results so far?

To be successful in business we have to be willing and open to change, to learn, and to grow. It does not have to hurt like your fingers getting crunched by the car door for you to change your habits. There are numerous quotes and inspirational messages to grab from and share here. One which you may find to be helpful is:

Successful people make just as many mistakes as anyone else…they just learn from each mistake.

-Paul J. Meyer

Why this quote is meaningful is, we get stuck. We develop a fear that if we change, we may fail or mess up.

What will happen if we fail?  Doesn’t this really move us closer to success?  The more we fail the closer to success we are?

If you are doing the same thing every single day in your business and you are not getting the results you desire

You must change. It is the only way you have any chance of meeting or exceeding your goals.

What are some of the action steps you might consider doing right now to shake things up?

  • Start with your week. Begin to write down what you and your team (they may record their own for you) are doing every fifteen minutes of each day for a week straight.
  • Critically review your recorded list. Circle every item which is not a direct client contact or marketing effort. All of these items need to go. Either someone you hire needs to do them, or someone already working for you needs to do them from now on. Just not you any longer.
  • Clearly write out your goals for the year. There are nine months left to go. Share this information with your team.

Follow these action steps immediately. The payoff is virtually guaranteed.

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