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The Changes Brought By A Piece Of Glass

iPhoneA piece of glass that weighs a few ounces how much of an impact or change could this possibly bring to our lives?

Who would have imagined ten to fifteen years ago how much we all feel our piece of glass, our cell phone, must be in our hand, pocket or purse all of the time. Who would have said they have the ability and desire to buy this 3 inch by 5 inch item for hundreds of dollars and to agree to pay a monthly fee to use the device for years to come?

The cell phone has changed our lives. How we are always looking at text messages and responding with our own. Similarly with social media, emails, a variety of apps and more.

It is the expectation we will respond to a message at any time of the day or night.

On a more positive note we are able to obtain directions from a voice once we place our intended destination into the phone and ask for the directions live. Have access at our fingertips to music, photos, reading material, answers to questions and more.

If we want to go to see a movie we are able to check and see where it is playing, the show times, directions and possibly download a discount coupon right on the face of the phone.

Let’s not get hung up on the type, brand or style. Android or iPhone or other. At the end of the day the ability to communicate utilizing the device overall has impacted our lives.

What ways has your cell phone changed your life? Better or worse note your experience in comments area below.

The idea comes to mind from this discussion – in what way does your business impact the lives of people? Do you have an added value which you would be able to clearly state which is a value add which potentially changes the life of your client? This may be a product or a service. Take a moment and note this in the comments section.

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  1. I do agree that the 24 hour availability is more and more expected. Not that I agree with it, but it’s fact.

  2. It has affected me both positively and negatively. The positives are accessibility to call/email/text, access to the web for quick answers, and the many apps that improve my life. The negative, is the literal addiction. I believe it’s to Dopamine that gets released in our brain when “we’ve got mail” or a LIKE on FB, so I am one of those obsessed and yes, addicted to my “connection.”

  3. Mitch, great comments. I think cell phones have positively and negatively impacted my life. It has saved time in some ways. The biggest thing is remembering to turn off our technology to help turn off our minds.

  4. Great article Mitch Tublin indeed the phone has changed our lives and the foresight of Steve Jobs to create a screen with one button of simplicity for end users – the elegance of it and how it applies to business is a challenging question to ponder – thanks!

  5. Mitch, I think it’s great that you are providing personal communications sessions in 15 minute phone calls. What a great idea to assist people with their interpersonal communications in a world where that skill is becoming more and more lacking.