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The Three Most Important Items For Your Business

threemostimpWould you mind holding a pen in your hand and use a piece of paper to write? Quickly write out what the three most important items are for your business? Now consider how much time do you actually spend each day on these three items? In fact, how much time do you spend each day on any one of the three most important items for your business?

If these three items are really the three most important items for your business what else are you doing and why?

Yes there are distractions. As an example, you might utilize Facebook and other social media as part of your business marketing plan. This should not include hours messaging contacts, clicking like notes to various posts, commenting on a variety of contacts photos, updates and more. If these hours are taking place every day instead of the time which must be spent of the three most important items for your business, something is seriously wrong with your time management planning and execution.

Yes there are distractions. Mobile devices have become like crack to the general population. At a recent networking meeting, the lawyer in charge of the meeting where there were over 35 attendees around the table, kept his eyes on his iPhone throughout the entire meeting. Chuckling, typing, responding interacting on his mobile device while all around him there were people introducing themselves, saying their two minute introductions, stating what a good referral would be for them. He never heard or processed a word. When his turn to speak came up he gave his prepared two minute to five minute version, then sat down and continued with his iPhone.

Yes there are distractions. You have networking events to attend, you are on their email list and see the date and the time so you sign up and go to them.  Are you selecting strategically which networking events to attend? Do you review who the other attendees will be in order to have a game plan before stepping foot into the event? You already know beforehand the names of three to six or maybe a dozen people you intend to meet in person.

My point is this, when you are running a business you must, you absolutely must become strategic about how you spend your time and what you spend your time doing. Create your focus around the three most important items to do in your business would be a great starting point.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


  1. That lawyer sounds like a scum bag. So totally rude! Points well taken.

  2. Very thought provoking Mitch. Time management is hard for us all so I appreciate the tips. I completely agree with Sue however that lawyer could perhaps become a client of yours. I think he needs your coaching.

  3. Yes! And, delegate, too!

  4. I do strategically select which networking/biz masterminding events to attend and I do review who the other attendees will be in order to have a game plan before stepping foot into the event. The last 3 day event I attended I selected 17 top people from the 100 odd attendees and made sure to connect with each person. And we are now starting to nurture those relationships.

  5. I read this so literally at first. I wrote down on my paper: 3 most important items for my business: 1. My computer 2. My phone 3. My business credit card. The good news, is that I use them a lot and in a productive way. Now, I will do the exercise again… not so literally.

  6. Couldn’t agree more, Mitch! The ability to prioritize and strategically use your time is crucial to being successful in business and in life, in general.

  7. Great simple, to the point. I love this “Mobile devices have become like crack to the general population” can I quote you on this Mitch??