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Top Ten Things Entrepreneurs Need To START Doing Now

toptenstartIn approximately one year David Letterman will host his last Late Night Show. In honor of the marketer and promoter of the Top Ten List here is my Top Ten List of things Entrepreneurs Need To START Doing Now:

10.     Decide as soon as possible if you intend to run a business or a hobby. The biggest difference is one choice means you must charge for your products and services and make money. The other choice is more about just having a good time or having something to keep you busy. Which is your choice?

9.     Create a plan for your business. Some may call it a business plan. It should cover every aspect of where you intend to take your business. Then you drill down and have a marketing plan, a financial plan, a staffing plan and more.

8.     Your clients and customers are going to make your business. Referrals are your best friend. When you are trying out something new or want feedback – go to your customers.

7.     Create a consistent brand. Weave this brand across social media platforms and live this brand in your daily life.

6.     Be strategic about Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. The wrong statement, recorded video or taken out of context quote is difficult if not impossible to undo.

5.     Calculate the value of one hour of your time. Anything you are doing which is not up to that level should not be done by you. Period. End of story.

4.     Do you need some help in your personal life to free up more time? Make a list of what these items are and either batch these yourself or with your significant other or hire some help.

3.     Each week or at least each month review your SMART goals and cross check these with your business plan. If something is not matching up – make an adjustment or assess what is going wrong and why? You cannot get from Point A to Point B  if you are heading in another direction.

2.     Find a Business Coach to provide you with accountability and to ask you questions to consider. This is not easy, running or building up a new business, and no one has to do this alone.

And the Number One Thing Entrepreneurs need to START doing now:

1.     Do it! Take Action! Overcome your fear of failure or your overwhelm. If it does not work out, get back up and try something else. Just keep taking action steps.

Are there some items missing from this list of the Top Ten Things Entrepreneurs Need To Start Doing Now? Please comment to this and add your item.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


  1. Great ten things. I’d only add self-nurturing. Be sure to take care of yourself and make sure you are infusing ALL the above with love and joy.

    XO, Katherine.

  2. Like Katherine, I’d add self-care or personal retreats. I particularly love your very first one #10. That’s a big decision to make and requires commitment going forward.

  3. Remember to go on dates (with your spouse if you’re married) a good supportive relationship balances and improves your business

  4. All great tips, Mitch, but I especially love number 10. So many folks are struggling because they fail to realize the distinction between a hobby and a business. Not getting clear on this out of the gate makes the other 9 things on your list more difficult.