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What Do You Take For Granted?

What do you take for grantedFor this article would you take one minute to respond to the question – What Do You Take For Granted? – in the comments area. It would be so cool if you do that.

One of the things I know I take for granted is the sky on a clear night. The stars and the planets are beautiful to look at and think about how this is the same sky that humans have looked at for how many years? When at the Jersey Shore and it is a clear sky at night it is mesmerizing. Why can’t we take a few moments in our lives and look up, especially if we live somewhere not impacted by tall buildings or the lights of a city.

A second big item many of us take for granted is the ocean. A number of people will say, “Well where I live we never see the ocean and we have nothing to do with the ocean.”

Sorry, wrong answer!

The ocean covers over three quarters of the planet earth, holds over 90% of the planet’s water, produces half the oxygen in the atmosphere and absorbs boatloads of carbon. No matter where you live on the planet earth, the ocean matters – big time.

The other aspect of the ocean, especially for those with access to the ocean, is how relaxing it is to hear the waves by the shore. A perfect place to think or to meditate or stare at for hours at a time.

A third item we take for granted is our ability to create space for ourselves. If we are determined to find a place of peace and quiet for even five minutes a day, we are able to do it. Whatever your personal situation is you can do this if you choose to prioritize it.

For those in First World Countries clean running water and electricity are not even a thought until a storm hits or there is some type of disaster and we don’t have it available. We take these for granted every single day. Along these lines would be access to the internet and the instantaneous communication and information this provides us with.

What about trees? Trees are amazing. If you live in New England do you appreciate the changing of the colors of the leaves each fall?

Do we take for granted medicine, our health, access to vaccines? There are many people on the planet earth who have no access to medicine or vaccines at all.

Maybe you are thinking of some things you are taking for granted? Allow me to close with books. Books allow us access to many other points of view, imagination of various authors, and the ability to continually learn and grow. In fact, this week, my wife, Dr. Patty Ann has her second book out in publication. Consider taking a look at it. You may learn more here: http://womenandmoneybook.com/

A subject no one should take for granted.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified business coach, trainer and speaker who resides in Stamford, CT.


  1. Nice article, Mitch. I take my kids for granted sometimes and I try and thank them regularly:-) This can be a common issue; especially if you haven’t had a health crisis or something happen to make you think about life and how to appreciate every single moment.