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What is Your Excuse Today?

ExcuseHere is the thing; we have determined that average is acceptable. We expect average.

Is this the first time you have heard this? How is it proven? Explain why there is a tip cup at every single Dunkin’ Donuts (or name your local coffee place here) counter where your coffee, donuts or other items are all purchased and handed to you – TO GO?

Are you telling me there was some type of service involved?

Basically if you are breathing and you are able to punch some pictures on a machine which tells you how much change to give, assuming anyone uses cash any longer, you are giving TIP worthy service. People arrive late for meetings or do not show up at all and do not call, text, or otherwise let anyone know. Deadlines for quotes, business documents and more come and go and then the chase begins. One excuse, then another excuse followed by another excuse. We joked one time as a regular provider of the endless excuses must have had sixteen grandmothers, based upon the number of funerals he had to attend. Let’s get back to being serious.

“If time were your garden it would be full in an instant. Would it be flowers or weeds?”

– Mitch Tublin

The point is we tend to fill our time with no trouble at all. The question is, are we filling our time with the most productive items which we need to get done? Recently Nick Vujicic spoke about his second book. Nick has no arms and no legs, yet he has written multiple books.

Are you thinking about writing a book? “Yes, I am” you say.

Okay and where are you with it.” My reply to you.

Oh, well you know, one day I will get started. After all, I have my business, my kids, and my wife and they keep me pretty busy.” This is you puking out the excuses.

Isn’t it time to determine what you really want to get done in your time here on this earth? No, this is not a change my career, find yourself story. It is instead a get your butt off the couch and stop watching so much TV story. What do you want to be remembered for? Where can you make a difference in one single person’s life today, just one single person? Can you have a positive impact on one single person each day?

It does not matter to me where you work, or what your career path is. Unless you want me to be involved in that decision, it really is none of my business.

What is my business, is to wake you up and ask you to do something more on this planet than to consume.

Give. Add value to someone. Start today.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


  1. Such an elegant term, puking out the excuses. 🙂 But that’s often what it sounds like when I’m listening to excuses-laden folks.

  2. How timely. The new Michael J Fox show just premiered, and this was a theme of an episode. He has Parkinson’s but he always taught his family about a woman in a hurricane who had a baby in a tree. So when anyone makes an excuse, everyone says, “But a woman had a baby in a tree.” So, no matter what your excuses are…

  3. Mitch, this is beautifully written and so true. If we all made a positive impact on just one person’s life each day how much better the world would be. I’m getting tired of the me, me, me world.

  4. Couldn’t agree with your more, Mitch. Time is our most precious resource so we must spend it wisely!

  5. I agree, no excuses. Make the most of your time and make a difference!