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Fuel Runs Your Vehicle – What Runs Your Business?

BusinessHave you ever run out of fuel when driving your vehicle? It is not fun! The indicator is right there on the dashboard. Most newer vehicles have beeps and flashing lights going off when you are getting low on fuel in the tank. There may even be a screen that has a countdown – 30 miles to go until empty – 25 miles to go until empty. Yet it still happens, you just run out of gas. Why does this happen even in the face of the fact that you were warned, the indications were there in plenty of time!

How about your business? What runs your business? Is it funding or money? Is it your employees? Is it new ideas? What would you think if someone said it was a steady stream of new clients and customers. Ah, yes, this is definitely what runs my business!”

There are numerous books, articles, courses, coaches and gurus who will explain a variety of methods of client attraction to follow along step-by-step for guaranteed results. At the right time, one or more of these tools might be a great resource for you to utilize.

It is my proposal to you that what runs your business is your energy and your excitement for what you are doing! If you are not energized and excited every single day to do what it is you are doing, you need to change that around first. You can spend a huge amount of money and waste a lot of time if you are not really in the right business, and not following something that gets you pumped up to be the business leader you have become (or plan to become soon) in your chosen field.

Some people say this is your mindset. My thought is, not exactly. For example, a great concept comes to you and you decide to start a business. Many more people than you would ever believe will begin to spend money on advertising, web sites, business plans, logos, trademarks, domain names, and much more. When my proposal is, to test the concept first. Is this a product or a service people would buy? If yes, how much will  they pay, how often and how quickly are they convinced they need it. If no, why not? Any suggestions to make the product or service more appealing? Or does the idea, well, suck?

Aren’t you glad you conducted this experiment and did some testing first before spending huge amounts of money and time creating something that would never sell?

Nothing will sour your daily approach to your business like a great business website, logo, and all of the other trappings built around a product or service that no one is interested in purchasing. They do not want it. They do not need it. You may work on your mindset until the cows come home, it will not change the facts. Test first. Make the changes. Test again. Adjust as necessary. Test again. Take your product or service to the market for all of your testing and listen to the feedback. Always be testing and listening. Oh and by the way, do this all quickly and in the fastest amount of time possible.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


  1. I definitely agree – you are the fuel for your business. If you don’t have an interest and a high energy for it, when things get too busy or too hard you will flake out.

  2. I agree that you need the energy and passion to run your business. I think that is a problem corporate has is that so many employees go thru the motions and are not involved in the outcome of their work.

  3. Such great questions to ask when you have an idea for a product or service. Knowing if it’s a viable idea is key before investing in all it takes to bring it to market.

  4. I couldn’t agree more, Mitch! I always say, “Your market needs to be passionate about buying your solution, and you need to be passionate about selling it.”

  5. Excellent advice to test and listen Mitch. There is no question that energy and enthusiasm of the owner/founder carry through the entire company.

  6. Mitch – I agree! That is why when brand-spanking new business owners that have an idea they are excited about contact us to design a comprehensive brand and a completely custom WordPress website, we usually advise them NOT to go that route … yet!

    Instead, it’s better for them to get started with a free or affordable premium WordPress theme. This way they can get to market quickly, get out there, and start testing their idea and making money, before they make a major investment.

    Then, when they have had some success, and they have the budget to invest into more fully developing their brand and are ready for a custom, strategic site, come back and speak to us again.

  7. Yes Mitch! Passion and excitement fuel my business which is why it never feels like work!

  8. I could not agree more: what runs your business is your energy and your excitement for what you are doing – maybe some of us call it passion!?

  9. Ditto what Jessica says!