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Where is The Value in the Value Meal?

You see the ads in the fast food industry for the value meal.  The $1 burgers.

The $5 foot long.   I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for.  So would you bring a client you are trying to get to know – to a place to eat where you each order a Value Meal?  Probably Not!

Here is my question: why do you make price the main concern when you seek advice, a coach or a mentor?   My most successful clients know the end game either before we meet or they get it after our initial call.  If you are not willing to make the investment in yourself of time, effort and money how will you achieve your goals?   Let me know.


  1. It is so true, Mitch! It is only about price if we make it about price. I’ll never look at a Dollar Value Meal again without being reminded: IT’S ALL ABOUT VALUE!! Thanks! ♥ Katherine.

  2. I loved what you said about your most successful clients “already know the end game”. What a great statement and so true in all aspects of life. What’s sad is that too many unsuccessful entrepreneurs already know their end game too (before they even begin) and unfortunately cannot put any value into a coach or mentor.

  3. Hi Mitch,

    It is interesting how we make decisions to do anything.
    Some people base decisions on price, other base it the quality they seek.

    I think the real issue is about getting to the root of what drives our decisions.

    Thanks for bringing this to my awareness, and making me think!

    with joy

  4. So true Mitch. Once I began to truly invest in myself, everything started to fall into place to reach my goals.

    I was amazed, even though I had been told this would happen!

    No more Value Meals for me!

  5. Mitch, I couldn’t agree with you more. I learned a long time ago that if someone turned down my services it was never about the money. There is always something lurking behind, and if they make it about money they really aren’t looking at their OWN bottom line!
    Sue Painter

  6. Mitch –

    How true, how true. And how much of our client’s perception is colored by how we value ourselves?

    One of the reasons I seek out the BEST coaches and mentors… First, because I deserve it, and second, because it will add value to my work with my own clients.


  7. Love this post Mitch -it really is about the end game whatever we do, not the price. I also like your comment re investing in ourselves:we can’t expect others to value us if we dont value ourselves enough to step out of our comfort zone and invest in order to step up. If we havent ‘been there’ we can’t encourage them to step in that ‘unkown’ bigger place either.

  8. Mitch — such a great post and a great reminder to invest in ourselves and value ourselves. That issue has come up a lot in my work as a lawyer, because so many people shop for lawyers based on hourly price. But you are so right that if your clients know the “end game,” then they see the value you bring and price is no longer the issue. Not only is that a reminder to invest in ourselves (like Terry’s comment about investing in great coaches and mentors, which I totally agree with), but to remember that how we present ourselves and our services to our clients is critical: If we educate our clients first and foremost about what they will receive, then they will appreciate the value they will gain in working with you and price will not be the primary deciding factor. Words to live by!

  9. Hi Mitch,

    I totally agree with you! How you value things/people is a reflection of who you are. If we value ourselves, we’ll recognize value in others.

    Thanks for the great article!

  10. Hi Mitch,

    I have to admit that I have made the mistake of making decisions based on price alone and when I did– it was the wrong choice. I’m not talking about finding a good deal on necessities (I love to save when grocery shopping etc — not at the expense of quality though). I’m talking about making a business investment choice because I could save some money and that choice actually ended up costing me time, money and a lot more.
    The moral of my story: Your business deserves the best. You give your clients your best and you need the best to support your efforts. This comes in the form of team members, mentors and training. Don’t short change yourself.

    Write on!~


  11. Mitch – I totally agree – you get what you pay for! The value-meal anology is a good one, especially for me as a holistic nutritionist – it’s cheap but will do you more harm than good – and we so often don’t invest in ourselves when it comes to our health! Trudy

  12. Mitch – So true. It only costs a bit more to go first class and the mental/physical/emotional benefits are huge. One of the favorite quotes that I have heard in this area is that all top performers have coaches. Those that are serious invest heavily in themselves and see it as an INVESTMENT…not a cost.

    What is the lifetime value you can receive from one great tip, idea or nudge that changes your perspective on a thorny issue and moves you past a roadblock? If more entrepreneurs took this tack, they would be much happier!


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