Five Star Program: Private Client Group

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Five Star Program: High Level – Private Client Group **

Five Star Program: High Level – Private Client Group

You will not see an offer like this from anyone with this much experience anywhere: There is an opportunity to work with Mitch throughout the year with consistent access and a powerful partnership to propel your business performance without ‘taking on a partner’.

You will have

  • Two Full Day VIP Days in Stamford, CT with Mitch 
  • PLUS, each month – Two boost your results 45 minute calls with Mitch
  • PLUS, each month – Two 15 minute each – ready, set, go calls with Mitch to support you
  • PLUS, email and micro brainstorming phone calls with Mitch when you just need someone to speak with when you are stuck or just need to run something by your trusted resource 

You will need to fill out an application for this exceptional opportunity.

There will be a Limit of six, Five Star Clients per year accepted into this program.

Payment plans are available upon request.