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“You never do anything worth doing by accident”  -Paul J. Meyer

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2011 is right around the corner.
Are you ready? Is this the year you decide to get more done?
Are you prepared to take charge of your situation? Ask any successful person how they achieved their success and every single one will say
“I followed my plan.” What’s your plan? Let’s get started now!


Choose the one that is right for you.

  1. small intimate group
  2. plan out your year, each month as detailed as necessary
  3. a guided group workshop with hands on, individual attention
  4. open question and answer and with personal hot seat time
  5. each workshop will be limited in size

Who are these workshops for?

  1. two options
  2. option blue is for the entrepreneur or small business owner
  3. option gold is for the person without employment seeking to either land a position or explore running their own business

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Do you know running or starting your own business does not have to be such a complex problem? Is this you – overwhelmed in your business, or in starting your own business? Let me know by going to and by visiting tab ‘contact’ tell me your story. You will be contacted within 5 business days and we will see how I may assist you.

Mitch Tublin recently returned from speaking in Dallas, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada. Do you need a speaker for your group or for your team? See speaker sheet on or contact Mitch.

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*Mitch is Certified by International Coach Federation the Internationally recognized authority for coach certification