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World Cup 2010 Not A Sports Story Here

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa is, for the majority of the world, the sports event of their lives, until the next one.
You have to listen in for at least a few minutes of one of the broadcasts. Take a minute right now if you have not listened to a game or part of a game yet.       http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/video/index.html Do you hear that humming? It almost sounds like you are in the hive.
These are the vuvuzela being blown into to make this noise. The games go on and on for at least 90 minutes plus injury time. All the time the vuvuzela are blowing.
Sports story ends onto the analogy – this humming noise is similar to buzz going on in the inner mind of the entrepreneur. When you are starting out on your new business venture you have so many ideas spinning around in your head. Which is the right one?  If you are established in your business, how do you grow it?
Next you are thinking about the marketing and the sales.  Look at these products or methods of marketing maybe I should buy some of these?
Did you even set up your business properly you wonder as you fall asleep at 2 AM? Maybe your business needs to be online? Isn’t that where everyone is taking their business now. How do I do that? You start to call a webmaster.
You don’t even know what you want in a web site and you are considering plunking down $5 grand for a webmaster.

If you are established in your online business already possibly you are considering hiring an online business manager.

Mmmm? What exactly is that person going to cost me?  You spend more time thinking about what restaurant for going out to dinner and yet you might make these decisions without considering how they fit into your plan and strategy for your business.   Humming and buzzing sounds going on in the inner mind of the entrepreneur.
The point here is this – do yourself a favor. Quiet the noise in your head and work with a coach, a mentor someone who knows the options and will guide you through the process. Someone who will ask you questions, get you to think and plan a strategy first before you start to hire people and spend money without a clear plan and a strategy. A great indication if your coach or mentor is the right person is who do they work with? Who are their coaches and mentors? You will benefit greatly from the knowledge they gain from their continued growth.
Let me ask you my fellow entrepreneurs – what questions are buzzing around in your head?


  1. buzz…buzz…buzz….

    yes, you’re right Mitch so many ideas and questions buzzing around.
    I actually find it stimulating, but I also agree that it is critical to have a coach or mentor who has been through what you’re going through and can help you through!

  2. Mitch,

    I am considering an OBM and the questions buzzing around for me are twofold:
    1) What does this person really want
    2) How will they fit into my overall plan while supporting their own

    I’m getting a clear picture of what my life and business will look like with the right help. It’s taking a little longer than I’d imagined. 🙂

    Great food for thought.

    Write on!~


    • Lisa,
      The OBM is an interesting category. I think there are a few aspects.
      The part time project type. The full time almost your employee type.
      And a VA type of arrangement. I am actually considering creating another category as there seems to be an increasing need in this area. Wish you the best in your endeavor to focus on your ‘clear picture’.

  3. Mentors are SO IMPORTANT! I am so grateful for mine every day! Great article, Mitch! XO, Katherine.

  4. Mitch, what a great analogy. I’ve turned off several of the World Cup games because I just couldn’t handle the vuvuzela noise any longer. So I know exactly what you mean by the buzzing in my head of what’s the next step for my business. It can be very frustrating and I’m so thankful I have a coach and a mastermind group to help me through it.

    • Debbie,
      Soaking in the advice of others is a key habit to create for fast growth and the path to success. You are certainly on your way.

  5. Hey Mitch as an auditory person I so relate to the concept of the Buzz. Thank goodness for coaches and mentors to help us find clarity amongst the noise in our head!
    Heidi Alexandra

    • Heidi,
      Clarity is key as we would be chasing freely flying butterflies all day long otherwise.

  6. Mitch,
    I had never had a live mentor until 1-1/2 years ago. Everything I learned was from books or experience. Now I see the speed with which one can learn from a mentor. Every month is like a quarter in school!

    • Linda,
      Well said and from your personal experience. The speed and progress is really amazing depending upon the commitment and speed of execution of the ‘student’.

  7. This was so in tune with me Mitch. I’ve had lots of mentors I have learned from , but when it comes to make real progress it’s that one on one mentor that is crucial. I just finished a whole day alone with my new mentor and the difference is incredible!
    I still have buzz going on in my head, but it’s not the confusing kind so much as the excitement kind!

  8. What a great analogy – that incessant buzz as the voice inside my head. I know I would rather listen to a mentor any day of the week.

    Great post!

    • Terry,
      Yes, the horns are so annoying. As a mentor, I actually do a lot of listening.

  9. Good to see “The Mentor Guy” back in action!

    I think this is one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs today…the constant buzz of new information flooding in from all kinds of sources. We need a 2nd brain just to filter it, organize it and make sense of it. That is where a great mentor can come in!


    PS – I detest those damn horns!

    • Phil,
      Agreed fully, however, the second brain aspect is where a quality team and support may come in as well. A great mentor and coach will keep the knee jerk entrepreneur reaction from going too fast in this process and having a plan and a strategy before bringing on a team too fast.

  10. I had to laugh out loud reading your post, Mitch. I think I ALWAYS have that “buzz” in my head. But I’ve learned how to focus it, and I agree that you have to have an objective outsider to help you get things in the proper order. You could write a book “The Buzz Of Being An Entrepreneur.” Definitely, we all have the buzz going!
    Sue Painter

    • Sue,
      Maybe we should ‘team’ up and write that book Sue! We take every other chapter. Afterall why not add some more buzz to our lives?

  11. yes Im lauging too Sue -I have had to turn off matches because I cant stand the ‘buzzing’ but it really is there in my head all the time and I need to filter. A great mentor and mastermind group is sooo helpful to clarfy what matters and how to create a strategy.