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The World Cup Starts And The World Is Watching


The World Cup matches began this week. The futbol games are all being played in Brazil. Thirty two countries teams are represented. For the majority of the sports watching world this is an event which halts productivity and work in general.

People go to bars, taverns, restaurants at all times of the day depending upon the time zone your country is located in. For example, during the last World Cup the host country was South Africa, which meant people in New York or Connecticut went to bars at 8 AM to watch the matches live.

In the USA, the people who are actually interested or even knowledgeable of the sport, let’s just say they are in the minority.

Some of the ways local clubs in Stamford have prepared for and attract the crowds are:

  • Obtain a permit and erect an outside tent with large screen TV’s,
  • Provide Brazilian Dancers to perform live for the opening day game.
  • Display the jersey from each competing team in the World Cup this year.

What they have done is prepare in advance for a crowd even though there was no guarantee there would be a crowd. They have created an atmosphere which will become festive and loud for the event just like you were there live. Well not exactly…

So what does all of this mean for you and your business? How many of your clients or customers are interested in the World Cup? Are they from another country and cheering on their team? You should know this and speak with them about their hopes and expectations. You should know the results of the games so you may engage your clients and customers on these matches.

Another item of interest regarding these high level futbol matches. Each team represents their home country. This means the roster is filled with the most successful players in the world. The superstar players are often treated just like rock stars or given Hollywood level status. With as good as these players are – they are the best in the world – each team has a coach who runs the practices, the games and more. A coach! Every single team has a coach to guide each player to become a part of the team and achieve victory.

Why then, when stuck running your own business, do you feel you must figure out the solutions all by yourself? Are you not worthy? The best in the world have a coach to guide them, why not you?

Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


  1. I am smack bang in the middle of hosting The Anxiety Summit – thank goodness very few of my audience are interested in this sport. Although I must say, being a South African I am – I will just have to skip it this year.

  2. The world cup is certainly popular here in Oz too – I agree the world’s best teams all have a stellar coach or two or three!

  3. The interest level across the world is very high for these games. I’ve learned a lot just seeing how Brazil has prepared itself for this huge event. You’re right – consultants and coaches are integral to the teams and to the event itself.

  4. This really highlights the need to know your clients and know what their interests are, and be aware of how current events might effect your business. Good stuff, Mitch.

  5. The focus on the World Cup really is quite astounding. No one gets to be the at the very top of their industry alone. Be ti a coach or a mentor, everyone needs support, guidance, and help.